I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Friday, April 14, 2023

From snow, to ice....to summer?????

April 13, 2023

This afternoon, as I write this, the temperature is 28C (82F). It has soared over the last couple of days and the snow is literally disappearing as I watch. The pond, sealed in ice a few days ago, is now full to the brim and just has a final small floating pan of ice which will be gone before nightfall tonight.

April 8

April 11

This morning

The ice storm on April 5 brought down lots of small branches and twigs, and a few fallen trees required a saw, to get them off of the road. Thankfully the temperature warmed enough to melt the ice before any appreciable wind occurred.

Over Easter weekend, the Chickadees were still looking for handouts, and one was not happy with me when I had no seeds in my hand, so hopped from hand to shoulder, to head, and proceeded to pull my hair. Ouch!

 Obviously nest making was on his/her mind! 

A lone Snow Bunting has been hanging out, and we captured this shot of it on a snowbank.

We've had an influx of Red-winged blackbirds and Grackles. The Eastern Phoebe arrived on Monday, and has staked out the barn as it's territory, singing from up on the peak of the roof. On Tuesday, a pair of Bluebirds came through, perching quietly on a tall plant trellis for a while, but moved on, probably looking for someplace that wasn't still covered in snow. Song Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, a Savannah Sparrow, Juncos and American Goldfinches in their bright yellow spring plumage are here. Yesterday we spotted the first Northern Flicker probing the sodden lawn between patches of snow. The morning bird chorus is growing, with the sparrows and robins providing more melodious sounds amid the hoarse 'chekking' of the grackles and red-wings. A friend just told me her farm is inundated with Woodcocks, so I will be out listening tonight to see if any have made it over our way.

This crocus must have been all set to bloom under the snow, because the snow just melted off this morning, and here it is!

Garlic was poking up beside snow this morning,

but this afternoon, the whole bed is encircled by melt water. I sure hope it soaks away quickly!

Today I wandered around, checking my row of small fruit trees, and sadly found out that this crab apple tree has been girdled by some vermin under cover of the snow.

My fault, as I should have protected it last fall. 

This morning, I turned over the dry, warm soil in my old cold frame and planted small rows of greens.

I'll lower the lid at night, but leave them to sink or swim on their own. I usually use that frame for hardening off seedlings, but could not resist getting my hands dirty. Next week's forecast calls for more seasonal temperatures, and that is just as well, as today is JUST TOO HOT!!!

Addendum April 14: Last night we heard the first frog peeps out of the pond! This morning there was a lone male Mallard on the melt-water pond,

and the gardens are free of snow!