I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Weather, deer and Christmas wishes....

Our weather is on some weird roller-coaster ride at present. Lately, we've had every kind of precipitation known to man. Last night the temperature did not even drop to freezing, and today the temperature is supposed to go up to an unprecedented 12C. (54F) There is a skim of 'sort of' snow...ice pellets/sleet, on the ground, and lots of icy spots, so walking is pretty iffy on untreated surfaces. I am longing for a proper snowfall and cold, cold temperatures. (The header picture is from a previous, more snowy December!)

I've been doing a little Christmas baking for humans, and dog friends.

On the crafting front, some crocheted pot holders, a little gift for a friend.

 The deer were starting to move to their winter yards before the snow melted.

Oh Oh...Busted!!

Here is a cute, short video of a young 'button buck', this spring's fawn. It was taken earlier, in November. He was eating apples from under the apple tree behind the barn. The direction he is looking in, is toward the house, so maybe he heard a thump from us, perhaps getting wood out of the back porch, as he did not run away.

 Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone happiness, good health and peace for the Christmas season.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Snow, snow...Beautiful Snow!!

 This morning, finally...a lovely dusting of snow has fallen, a beautiful curtain of white flakes, visible as the daylight grew. There is a brightness to a snowy morning, even though the sky is grey. The silence is a palpable thing, and you know before you even look out, that snow has come. 

We've had a skiff or two over the past weeks, but they have melted off every time. From -8C (18F) this morning, the temperature has risen to -1C (30F), and the sun has emerged, so the roof is dripping and this lovely white blanket may not last, but I am hoping it will, as the forecast calls for -10 tonight. 

December has arrived, so I've put up a few red ribbons and bows to welcome the season, and have strung a wire of very efficient LED lights across the front of the verandah. They will reflect very prettily out on the snow tonight.

On the crafting front, I finished piecing the poinsettia wall hanging. There is enough of the dark red for binding, but I haven't got enough of any of the fabrics to back it, so am waiting for a trip to town to find something to match the little swatches of fabric I am taking with me. I have yet to peruse my button box, as the pattern calls for sewing red buttons at the base of the green pieces, to simulate holly berries.

This quilt is called Blue Ribbon Twist, but I am calling my version Ribbons and Stars. I've had the pieces cut out and stored since we moved, and have been working away on the blocks. The fabrics are all prints with various celestial bodies on them, comets, shooting stars, moons etc. I hope to get it together for a sky obsessed friend, sometime in the future.

The Christmas pudding is made and stored, a couple balls of cookie dough are resting in the fridge, ready to be rolled and baked. I'm planning a town trip next week to pickup anything I need for the recipes I've planned for our festive meals. It feels good to get some of the preparation done. Having a plan to execute makes the holidays much more stress free.