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John Burroughs

Monday, August 15, 2022

Some harvesting, some flowers and some paddling...

August 14, 2022

So, here we are nearing the mid point of August...how does time go by so fast? Last weekend was brutally hot and humid until a cold front came through, producing a rain event that started late Sunday afternoon and lasted to early Tuesday morning. The result was 5 and 3/8 inches of rain in the gauge. At times there were intense downpours, and the deluges of water carved deep grooves across the road up the hill. The township had to bring in a backhoe to fix the road. Almost a week later, there is still lovely moist soil at the base of the onion roots as I pulled them this morning. 137 big, fat, juicy bulbs are now hanging to cure in the barn.

I've been harvesting and squirreling away produce.
Peppers; dried and frozen; some blanched, stuffed and frozen for future meals.  There are more growing on the plants, and the red ones are starting to really get colourful.
6 heads of broccoli have been processed and frozen, a mild saline bath after picking, disclosed a few earwigs, but NO GREEN WORMS! I really think the inter-planted dill was helpful. Looking forward to side shoots now, to keep us in greens until we get a hard frost.
The first crop of beans has been pulled and buds are starting to show on the second planting. Tomatoes...can one ever tire of eating fresh, vine ripened tomatoes?

The potato greenery in the two barrels started to look a little worse for the wear, so I dumped them out and now have a lovely selection of small potatoes to tide us over until the in-ground crop is harvested. Despite the drainage holes in the bottom of the barrels, the bottom section of soil was mud, and two tubers had rotted in the fingerling barrel.

Yukon Gems

French fingerlings

The squash and pumpkins are growing larger by the day. Some pumpkins are getting an orange tinge,

the acorns are deep, dark green,

and then there are these......

They are HUGE! Sure hope they are tasty, as they have been very prolific! 

 A few flower pictures, as one needs food for the soul, as well as for the body.... From the abundant sheaf of greenery rising from the tire planter in which the Crocosmia are growing...

only one bloom spike. I'll be lifting the corms this fall, and spacing them out more when re-planting in the spring. 

The Echinacea in the Flagpole Bed has improved on last year's performance, and the bees and butterflies are loving it.

I've harvested a bunch of Calendula flowers for drying and making Calendula salve at a later date. 

A bouquet of red and white glads.

The multi-coloured red and white guys are a little slower opening, but are so unique.

On Friday, we loaded up the canoe, took a picnic lunch, and did a little paddling further up the Bonnechere River, within the Bonnechere River Park. From the river, we pushed through a cat-tail/pickerel-weed/waterlily swamp, over a little beaver dam, to explore a small lake.

The water lilies were in full, beautiful, aromatic bloom.

The fish were not biting.


  1. Wow, you should be very proud of your garden. The size of those onions and peppers is amazing! I've had a good onion year, too. I'm not quite at the stage of ripe full-size tomatoes, but the little cluster and cherry tomatoes have started. I have that crocosmia. It's so tropical looking! -Jenn

    1. Thank you Jenn. Tomato time is the best! Actually you are the reason I have the crocosmia. You posted a picture of yours a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with it, so ordered my own from Vesey's! This is it's second summer.

  2. What a feast for the eyes (and, yes, soul) this post was. How I love getting a peek into other gardens. Always gives me ideas for something different to do next year. No tomatoes here this year (sigh), but our good neighbor who grows his in their hoop greenhouse says his are just now starting to show color. We've had a very cool summer so your beautiful watermelons wouldn't have had a chance here. (Double sigh!) Thanks for the update and all the pictures.

    1. Watermelons? You think? The seeds were in a package of butternut squash seeds from a reputable seed seller. I think they are some sort of cross with a zucchini or other squash, perhaps a Delicata?? Will be cutting one open soon I guess. Now, I really have to try growing watermelons!! Thank you Mama Pea.