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John Burroughs

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Winter...where art thou??

November 5, 2022

 Harvesting lettuce in November???

Plants putting out buds and blooms???

perennial poppy


brown-eyed susan

We have had a long string of warm sunny days, with nights well above freezing. I find it very unsettling, as this weather, at this time of year, is such a deviation from what I have been used to all my life. 

The pond is low, awaiting winter's top up.

The pepper plant I dug up, potted, pruned and brought into the house at the end of September,

has been putting out blooms that I've pollinated, and now there are tiny peppers forming.
 There are furry, white butt bugs flying around...
aphids in their winged phase

Chainsaw milled hemlock timbers for next summer's project....the root cellar.

another pile is behind this one

 and chainsaw milled pine lumber for other projects.

Indoors, I started to quilt the Christmas wall hanging... but it is so warm and sunny outside... not much is getting done on it.


Come on snow!!


  1. Yep, it's crazy! Pussy Willows here are leafing out and I expect to see blossoms on my strawberries soon. (Not really. I hope.) I've not mulched them for the winter yet because we haven't had the 2-3 hard frosts before I usually do it. We're lacking rain and were supposed to get some overnight and into today but when I got up before dawn today there were a million stars in the clear sky twinkling down upon me. No sign of precipitation yet now at 9:30 a.m. Sigh. Our pond is lower than yours and thirsty for a nice fill-up before winter truly sets in, but I don't think it's going to happen. Your pepper plant is lookin' good and I'll take one of those heads of lettuce, please. ;o)

    1. The wild strawberries in the grass along the south side of the barn ARE blooming! We have been very dry here as well. If it was gardening season, I'd be out watering a lot!

  2. It is bizarre, isn't it? So warm and windy today. Hmmmmm, what does this mean in terms of our eventual winter, I wonder. -Jenn

    1. Noticed a 'sun dog' this AM...change in the weather coming? We seem to be in uncharted territory, weather-wise...and yes, wondering about our snow cover as well.

  3. That's a lot of chainsawing! But isn't that stacked lumber pretty!

    After frost killing our summer garden a couple weeks ago, we're in a warm trend as well. My hope is that it will give the fall garden and winter pasture time to grow. Who knows what kind of weather is around the corner???

    1. Yes, a big pine came down and we just couldn't bear to waste it. Temperatures here have been yo-yoing crazily lately, not anything normal about it.

  4. Hi Rosalea! I for one, can wait for the snow! ☺ I have lettuce growing here now too lol!

    1. Hi Rain. Today may be the last lettuce harvest, as the temps are set to plummet on Sunday.