I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fall garden prep.....and wildlife

After a cold, rainy weekend, by Monday morning, the coolness had crept inside, the temperature nudging down into the 50's F. so we lit the fire, and kept it going all day, the first real fire of the season.
The weather teeter-totter has switched again, and yesterday was a sublime, sunny, breezy, fall day, the temperature up to 19C (66F) by afternoon.

 We did a walk around the trails over the weekend, in the dreary weather.

Leaves are really coming down and the trails are covered. On the cameras, a big, lazy bear came ambling by.

The video showed how slow and ponderous his gait was, like he was already half asleep. A Chickadee photo-bombed one camera!

We still have not had an hard frost, but Tuesday morning, we awoke to crispy white stuff on the ground and garden beds.

As the sun came up in a blue sky, it melted off the frost, and the marigolds and nasturtiums soldier on, the little crust of frost not seeming to bother them one iota. I have spread manure and turned over a few beds, but am still waiting for frost to really finish off those plants. Even after a few inclement days, the pollinators are out and buzzing in the blooms.

I dug out the beautiful egg plant....its roots stretched right across the four foot wide bed, and with a stem like this, no wonder it could hold all that fruit!

The last few carrots were pulled,

and the ginger plant dug out. It has a few small, tender rhizomes.

The last glad spike did bloom,

and yesterday I dug up all the gladiola corms, cutting that one bloom to come inside and be enjoyed. The plants are all stuffed upside down in pails to dry for a week or so, then I will clean and store the corms.

Yesterday, I planted 84 fat garlic cloves, and am now waiting for a calm day to spread the leaf mulch and hardware cloth, to hold it down.

Wild strawberries are blooming. I guess they are a little confused by this warm fall!


  1. We woke to 29° this morning. It's still dark outside so I haven't had a look to see how much is covered with white. I guess Jack Frost took advantage of that full moon last night to come by and do his thing!

    Minutes ago, I was on our enclosed back porch filling the bag with wood for our kitchen fire when a large, fluffed-out gray fox trotted by. I could just imagine him saying to wife and kids (kits?) in his den, "Stay warm and cozy while I go out to get breakfast." Wonder if our chickens locked in their safe night time quarters could sense him going by?

    1. This morning is the coldest so far this fall, at 1.2C (34F). Our thermometer is up off the ground, so when it reads 4C or less, there is usually frost on the ground. I can see it this morning, as the daylight grows. That full moon has been beautiful. Lovely to see the critters. How do you keep your birds so safe from them other than the electric fence?

  2. I suppose you could say we've just been lucky . . . and the wild critters can find enough other food (than our birds) in the woods. We've seen both bears and smaller predators get zapped by the electric fence, yelp and run the opposite direction so we know they quickly come to respect it. We've lost more birds to hawks and owls from above and other than the birds hiding in the thick trees/bushes within their pasture, we can offer no more protection from flying predators. Of course, from dusk to a little after dawn, they are all locked up securely in their house(s).

  3. Well, Imam quite surprised by your weather! I had thought you would be in snow by now! Guess I’m not too familiar with your climate! Your flowers look fantastic, and I’m with you about waiting until they give up to winter to clean them up. Hope you have a perfect weekend, and happy Halloween!

    1. No snow yet... It has been an unusual long, warm fall. First frost is usually mid September, not mid October!
      We finally got a killing frost on the 23rd, and now the gardens are cleared and put to bed, except for some chard and kale.

  4. Funny Rosalea, my strawberries are confused too lol...I have some garlic planted as well. I love your carrot harvest!!!

    1. Thanks Rain. Garlic is so easy to grow...plant it, mulch it and forget it! Those carrots were amazing.