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John Burroughs

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Golden October....

We are heading toward the middle of October, and still have had no  frost other than the light dusting mentioned in my last post. This is certainly an unusual fall with no frost yet. Daytime temperatures have been in the 20 to 24C range (68 to 75F) so far this week, and night time temperatures are what the average day time temperatures should be.

My marigolds and nasturtiums are still beautiful,

and I don't want to pull out the pea/bean fence and disturb them until the plants are frozen.

 Pollinators are still active, particularly in the borage.

Tree leaves are falling, the bright red soft maples are done, their red leaves spread around the base of their trunks on the ground. We are in the yellow and orange phase now.

Some of the garden beds are empty and ready for winter, while others hold a few plants.

The herb bed has blooming basil and savory, and a few calendula buds are still opening.

A friend gave me some small, leggy tomato plants late in the season. They were still in their starting pots, and suffering. I planted them out anyway, here and there where I could find a bit of space, and they have grown and fruited, but too late to ripen this summer. I plan on leaving the tomatoes on the plant until cold weather threatens, then bring them in and see if they will ripen indoors. It is a big, long paste tomato, that is supposedly delicious. I'd like to get seeds from it for next year.

There is one very late spike of buds rising from one gladiola plant. Will it or will it not get to bloom? I am waiting until the last possible moment to lift the glad corms. 




  1. I can't get over how warm it is staying. My beans are still producing. I have a large paste/Roma type tomato called Aztec. The fruit is the best, sweetest tomato we have ever eaten. My friend gave me some little chocolate chip tomatoes that I'm presently fermenting to get seed for next year. Hope to get garlic in the next couple of days.

    1. This weather can't last! I am actually wanting frost, so I can finish clearing out my beds! We were not impressed with the 'Chocolate Sprinkles' tomato I grew, it was pretty, but tough skinned and not too flavourful. Yes, time to get the garlic in. PS. We did a tour up to Newfoundout before TG. Amazing trees and views and the colours were lovely as well. Thanks.

  2. Aren't marigolds wonderful in how long they stay into the fall? They're a favorite of mine to always include here and there in the garden. I've had a couple of blooms from glads really late in the season, too, in the past. Some latecomers just don't know when to stop. Enjoy!

    1. Thank-you, MP. Those marigolds are the little French type!! They were inter-planted, but have taken over! I will always grow them in memory of a favourite Aunt. There is colour showing on that glad spike today. It is another sunny, somewhat humid day, 19C (66F) at noon, so expect it to get much warmer as the day goes on. Where is the FROST?!!