I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Horse parking and sock knitting addiction....

November 1, 2023

The first heavy frost arrived overnight on the 23rd of October,

which did in the dahlia,

then the first white blanket arrived overnight on the 30th, but melted off by noon. This morning, the world is white again. Yeah!

Last weekend, we went to an auction sale at a farm south of Renfrew, and were interested in the parking arrangements.

There is a sizable Mennonite community in the area.

The woodshed is full, a two year supply, and recently I've been getting the winter's kindling supply split and ferreted away in the barn.


The 'dynamic duo' (this year's fawn twins) have been boldly grazing in our clearing in daylight. We took these pictures just after the noon hour one day, by creeping around and pointing the camera around the side of the Battery House. With the aid of binoculars, one can see tiny nubs growing on one's head.

The snow is still coming down, fairly wet and heavy, so it is a good time to finally do some sorting and organizing in the sock knitting department...

Most of it is Kroy sock wool, which has a nice feel while knitting, and wears very well. Behind are little balls, the remains of many pairs of socks. Still trying to decide on a project with them. Perhaps some funky looking fingerless gloves? In the little bag at the front are all the little bits, too small for much except perhaps darning. 

There are a couple of skeins of hand-dyed 90% merino sock yarn from Hedge Hog fibres, a gift from last Christmas, which I haven't decided what to do with yet, some homespun from Madawaska Highlands, 100% pure wool, and the remains of a gifted skein of hand-spun silk-bamboo, a gift from a fellow spinner-knitter, out of which I made a lacy cowl.

Temperatures appear to be staying lower for the next while, so hope I to get to wear it soon!


  1. I love knitting socks and other things in 4ply, I use all the bits left in a scrappy granny square blanket for the grand children to use in the garden.

    1. Great idea of the granny square blanket, but I really dislike darning in ends! One of the reasons I like knitting socks I guess...just two tails to tuck away when you are finished.

  2. Brrr no snow here thank goodness and I've started my sock knitting too, such satisfying thing to do

    1. A sock is so easy to take with you. I have knit many rows awaiting appointments. I know that a lot of folk dislike snow, but I love winter and snow. It gives me a reason to knit woolly things!

  3. I've made multiple pairs of socks using the scrappy bits. I think the girls like them better than the "good knits". My daughter sends her socks back to me for repairs when they get holes. I tear them back to the holy spot, reattach the yarn and reknit. So sometimes the bits get used for that.

    1. I have often ripped back socks for Hubby, and re-knit the foot. Great idea for using the bits and bobs. How funky they would look!!
      Yes, it is raining lightly. I was hoping that burst of sun we had earlier would last. There is still snow here on north exposed places, but it is melting rapidly.

  4. Whoops, sorry my comment about scrappy socks went through as Anonymous. Dog and I just went for a walk in our bush looking for illegal tree stands. The snow has gone and it's raining. (Laurentian Valley about half way between Pembroke and Round Lake Center)