I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Wet leaves, last blooms, and a little crafting....

 October 22, 2023

We are enduring a spate of grey, rainy days. Today there is "attitude" in the rain; flying white particles. Despite the wind and weather, one needs exercise, so I suited up in rain gear and headed out. Gusts of strong wind are causing flurries of leaves to fall. 

 My little camera comes along. None of the leaf or flower pics needed any processing. They are straight off the SD card. 

Mother Nature sure knows how to wield her palette. 

The last flowers to bloom...cosmos, brown-eyed susans, and a red poppy.

Perhaps a little bachelor button....

This padded snap pouch, a gift when we moved, has held and cushioned my little camera well. It pops into my pocket and comes with me. It has served its purpose but the snap has worn through, one side is gone altogether, the edges are frayed, and perhaps when duct tape comes out, it is past time for a serious fix!

A rainy afternoon is a good time to rectify this.

A new, padded, zippered, pouch.

So, having shown it off to Hubby...the suggestion was made that he needs a new case for his camera as well.

 Done. Now I have the sewing bug, so a list is being made for a trip to the fabric store!


  1. What a neat camera bag. Lovely color shots too!

    1. Thanks Leigh. It is a little protection for the camera. Don't know how it happens, but the pockets of my gardening clothes always seem to collect grit....

  2. I love your camera bag, I have a small snappy camera as well as my big one, but I hardly ever use them, the camera on my phone is so good. I love the colour of nature this time of year.

    1. Love my little Canon Elph because it fits in my pocket. I have a Sony digital SLR, but it only comes out for dedicated picture taking forays. Very poor to nil cell signal up here, so we only have emergency cell phones for excursions.