I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
John Burroughs

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Gone fishin'......

 June 9, 2024

This week started off with a fishing day on the beautiful Bonnechere River. It was a shake-down cruise for a leaky aluminum boat that Hubby had obtained from a friend. After a lot of work, no leaks!!

We accessed below Round Lake and fished our way down to where the river flows into Golden Lake. The Bonnechere is a 'pool and drop' river which means it has sections of narrower, somewhat weedy shallow spots that have a slight current, then large, lake-like openings, some of which are up to 40ft. deep. The river flows softly along beside farmer's fields where we heard Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks singing. The feisty Kingbirds made their presence known, perching in trees along the shore and swooping down on unsuspecting bugs. 

We caught a number of small Northern Pike which we returned to the river. One heftier one, and a big Perch came home with us.

We've had over an inch of rain this week, most of which fell on Wednesday. It was quite warm at the beginning of the week, but now the temperature has dropped to cooler digits. Over the last few days, the sun has been warring with clouds, and there have been lots of intermittent spotty showers. Today the mercury has struggled to get up to 18C. (64F)

We picked up the SD cards from the trail cameras this morning, and surprise, surprise....This fellow came right by one like he wanted his picture taken. See the growing antlers on his head?


On the "Bird" cam... a Rose-breasted Grosbeak..


A Veery...


An Eastern Phoebe...perhaps one of the pair who are busy building a nest under the eaves on the front verandah..


Do you think this robin has caught on to me?? I think we are getting the 'stink eye'.

(Click on the pics to make them bigger.)

The year we moved here, I brought a pot of chives I'd dug up from my previous garden. It sat out on these patio slabs for quite a while before I made a place to plant it out. We were busy getting settled and making gardens. It bloomed and went to seed....all over, filling all the cracks. Now there are chives everywhere, and this one odd clump which is white...

The first red poppy opened yesterday morning, big buds are swelling on the peony, and if you look closely, there are buds rising in the day lily clumps. We've eaten the very first fat strawberry, carefully halved, as the rest are quite green yet. Haskaps are starting to blue up, but are still very tart. The first row of beets was thinned today. All the transplants are settling in and starting to put out new growth. 



  1. Chives just do their thing. We have a clump that has moved across province and it or its parents came form the 70s. It sits untended in a corner and keeps coming back. We've never had chives spread, however.

    1. Your "Gardeners" must be dead-heading before the seeds ripen!

  2. I dig up the rogue clumps of chives and gift them. The thyme is the big spreader here. Holy Moly! We had an infestation of grubs about 12 years ago that wiped out most of the lawn. The opportunistic thyme jumped the herb bed and took over the bald spots. Grubs won't touch it. It tries hard to infiltrate the perennial bed so I have to be diligent.

    1. I forgot to mention the bees. We have so many this year. Once the thyme blooms the garden will be singing out loud.

    2. The thyme I planted in this garden...
      ....has spilled out, all over the "lawn" around the garden, and even further afield. It is a wonderful ground cover. It smells heavenly to walk on, or when I mow over it. And yes...lots of bees!

  3. Lovely photos. The legginess of the moose is really something!

    1. Always fun checking the trail cameras, as you never know what may show up. Moose are big critters.

  4. Thank you for the reminder link to your blog. Today I am taking the rooftop rack from my old Crown Vic and trying to fit it onto my Volkswagen. The thinking is I might get a canoe and go canoeing this summer.