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John Burroughs

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Gardening, foraging and chasing.....

July 25, 2023

Plants really took off once we reached longer days and warm night time temperatures, early in the month.

There has been a total of just under 5 inches of rainfall thus far in July.
The water barrels and tank have only been used a tiny bit back in early June. Everything is so green. Even my sad looking pepper plants are looking better and have fruit forming. 
The Red Carmen pepper I overwintered took a while, but is now putting on a spurt, and has a number of peppers growing.

The squash/pumpkin patch is a 5 X 12 ft. bed that Hubby dug up down by the barn where we are pretty sure a stable, or chicken coop used to be. The soil is lovely and dark and the plants have just started to bloom. There are only five hills staggered across this bed, so I have been helping the bees whenever I find a female flower.

The Flagpole bed is looking lovely, with lots of Brown-eyed Susans, Echinacea and Shasta daisies.The breeze wafts through, sending all the flowers swaying and dancing on their long stems.

Some of my Kelsae onions sprouted in the cold room this spring, so I popped them into the garden. They have put up big seed heads. I'm hoping to be able to harvest the seeds when they ripen.
The ground cherries are spreading out, fairly flat to the ground, and when you lift up a branch, there are little lanterns hanging along underneath the stems. There are four plants here in a 4ft. square area.

The little papery covers turn beige-yellow when the fruit is ripe. 

The 4 X 16 foot tomato bed is a well mulched jungle, with 8 plants  of 4 varieties staggered along it. There is lots of fruit forming, the waiting is on!

We did a little bush-whacking, and SCORE!! 

A flush of Black Trumpets. They are a beast to clean, but so delicious.

This summer, it was several weeks later than usual, before Monarch butterflies showed up, and there are very few compared to other years. One has chosen to lay an egg on the new to me, Butterfly bush that I am growing in a nursery bed in preparation for a new perennial bed. I plan on filling the new bed with lots of pollinator attracting plants this fall and next spring.

The new perennial bed under construction April 2023
 About a week after the cow and bull moose appeared in the yard, a younger cow showed up, walking right past the front of the verandah, and was nose-down, sniffing at my haskap bushes before we put the run on her. She was reluctant to go, and stopped several times to look back at us, before disappearing into the bush.

The previous two had done some unauthorized pruning on my baby plum trees. (clicking on the pictures will make them bigger.)


  1. The big critters seem to be just passing through my patch. it's the little furry things that have been attacking everything edible.
    My gardens are BOOMING too. We are going to have a lot of tomatoes and peppers. The chippies ate the first peppers, but the plants have since grown very tall and they are covered with fruit and flowers. I've pulled the onions. They turned out so great. I bought the sets from Country Depot in Eganville two years in a row and I must say, they are good stock! The garlic has died off and gotten pulled. I'm very disappointed in that. I think new seed stock is in order this fall. We will likely visit the Mennonites store out in Douglas for that.

    1. Every year, we seem to have a moose or two, wandering through. Thankfully deer have not discovered the goodies....yet.
      Haven't pulled the garlic ...soon though. They look good, despite sitting in water early in the spring.
      Love the Country Depot, hardware stuff and fabric/wool: one stop shopping! Hubby goes left, I go right!

  2. Oh, loved having the tour of your green and growing things! Everything looks great. What a thrill to see the moose so close up . . . but it makes me very nervous knowing how quickly they could destroy so much if they took a hankering to do so. Those big monsters are seldom seen right where we are but we have HERDS of deer. Four grazed in our little hay field this morning. We simply couldn't garden without our fencing to keep them out.

    1. Thankfully we have not had any deer issues here...so far. They are definitely around, and we have seen a couple cross the clearing in daylight, who knows how many at night? Two neighbours have had serious deer incursions in their gardens this year, but they are closer to habitations where folks feed the deer over the winter. Either we are just lucky, or it is a matter of time. We sure don't want any of those "town" deer up here!